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You are the Beloved

Hello Dear Ones,

This week I have been studying Song of Songs and reading literature about its powerful allegorical message, meant to draw us into an intimate understanding and experience with God. God wants to be our Lover and have us see ourselves as the Beloved.

It can make us squirm to think of God in such a deeply intimate way. But this beautiful, short book, tucked in the Old Testament is no accident. The pinnacle of human intimacy and union is sex, in our minds. And not just sex, but the intimate knowing and being known that is in the purest and most holistic sense being embodied in the intimacy of lovers. God desires such intimacy and abandon in our relationship with Him. He wants a closeness with us that moves from our heads into our beings.

If this challenges you, do some excavation around that. Ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal where you are holding back from complete vulnerability and transparency with God, or where He wants to bring healing into brokeness. God is faithful and meets us where we are at. He is a trusted Lover.

With Wonder for Our God,


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