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Canvas & Clay

We are the artistry of God. Created to be divine expressions of God, each in a unique and purposeful way. In the words of the Bible Project we are called to love God and our fellow humans with all of our "muchness!" This is to love God and others with our whole hearts, mind, spirit, and bodies.

Loving well is a skill. Being in relationship with ourselves, God, and other humans is a process of learning and growing. It's a life long endeavor, because we are constantly changing and reorienting ourselves. Just reading this brief blog post will leave you different in some tiny, or maybe, significant way.

This year we want to grow in our awareness of what it means to be the artistry of God. The bible uses the metaphor of us being clay and God being the potter. What does that mean to you? How do you practice being molded by the Divine? What is the picture your life is painting? How is God expressing love, goodness, care, compassion, forgiveness, long-suffering, maturity, spirituality, resilience through you? What is influencing you? Forming you? Spiritually? Relationally? Mindfully?

To get curious and started, take the survey through the QR code below. Are you relationally mature, or an adolescent, a child, or infant? Take the survey and be curious and kind to yourself as you explore how you show up in relationships, both your relationship with yourself, God, and others.

This is worthy exploration. Make space for it.

With loving kindness for all the parts of ourselves,


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