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Dearly Beloved...Adonai is for you.

Dearly Beloved,

Adonai is for you.

Adonai is for you.

ADONAI is for YOU.

ADONAI is a name for God which by definition highlights God's sovereignty, authority, and Lordship above all Lords! 

In Psalms 118:6 the psalmist declares, "ADONAI is for me, so I will have no fear."

Again, in verse 7 it repeats, "ADONAI is for me; he will help me."

Putting our whole heart and mind on this truth is life giving.  Lay hold of this promise, and don't ever let it go.

Some days our faith feels very thin.  We even question if we have enough...but the idea of "enough" isn't the question.  The question is, "Do I have faith?"

You see faith is either alive, or it is dead.   And Jesus says that if we have even the smallest bit of faith, it is enough!! So take heart, cling to ADONAI and trust that the God who gave it all up, and rose from the grave, is FOR YOU!

Psalms 118 goes on to promise that when we are in a "tight place," ADONAI will answer us and bring us into a "spacious place!" What a promise!

As we enter this month of Advent and Anticipation of the Christmas miracle, seek ADONAI.  Seek God's face. Seek God's spacious embrace.  Seek to understand this past year from the Spiritual Lens of Heaven.  Take this years events captive to God's strength and lay it all out before our ADONAI, who is sovereign and capable of holding it all for us. In doing this we can be still and calm and experience God's peace, that transcends understanding, circumstances, and even our performance. We can then move forward from a place of true strength, doing what God calls us to do, by ADONAI's power, not our meager own.

With celebration of ADONAI's forever-loving-kindness,


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