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Living Loved in 2022

In 2022, we as a church family wanted to grow in Living Loved. We opened the year with adopting our Living Loved creed, if you will. It was that we would live from being loved, by practicing the awareness of God's presence day in and day out, and by being intentional in seeking ways to delight in the Lord. We wanted to stop with the fear or shame based ways of relating to our heavenly Father, and start with remembering His great love for us, and that He chose us, living from a place of belonging and love over all else.

We also placed our intention on Living Out Love. We endeavored to practice being aware of those we came in contact with, seeing them through the eyes of Jesus, seeking ways to delight others with kindness.

A highlight of our Living Loved year was having Jonathan Leonardo, and his Love Reality Tour, come for a week in October of 2022. It brought home the beautiful, heart-freeing good news of God's love over us.

As we closed 2022, we had a meaningful time of sharing during our Christmas program on the 17th of December, and it was a blessing to hear how people had felt Christ's love born unto them this year. God is so faithful. He truly carries us through this life. He wants us to live life in the security of His great love for us.

With Love,

Rachel Griebel

If you'd like to check out Love Reality, here's a link.

Pictured below are the handouts from each month's Living Loved focus.

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