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July Prayer & Presence

Happy Mid-Summer Friends!

The moon this past week has been so captivating. On Monday, I was driving at 4am up to a trail head to hike to the top of Mt St. Helen's with the Gibbons. As I drove along an unknown road, in the wee hours of the morning, alone, I had a little fear. What if I got off the route? With no cell service, I couldn't reload the map, what if I couldn't find my group that I was meeting up with? Worries threatened my sense of safety. Then, I glimpsed out my window and beheld the massive moon, hanging just above the tree line. It's beauty captured my thoughts and brought a wonder and a peace as I continued my drive. God's love and presence is to be like that moon, an enrapturing and captivating reminder that God's light is ever present and available for me, no matter where I'm headed or if I get lost for awhile.

Spend some time this month pondering where your safety comes from? We live in the physical world. But so much of how we interact with the physical is determined by what we have going on in our heads. Practicing prayer and presence is a powerful way to help us stay rooted and grounded in our minds and hearts, so that we can participate in the physical realm from a rooted sense of safety and love.

From the top of Mt St. Helen's,


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