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Discover Your Sense of Purpose

It feels sometimes like our lives are

filled with more pain than joy.

Sickness. Heartache. Loneliness.

But these things don’t have to define you.

There’s a story in the Bible where people come to Jesus and basically say “look at

all this bad, I thought God was only good! How did all this bad get in here?”

It’s the same question we’ve all wondered about.

Jesus’ response was incredible.

He didn’t deny the existence of pain and evil, but instead simply told them “an

enemy has done this.”

Jesus understand your pain. He also knows where it came from: an enemy.

An enemy who wants you to give up, to let your pain define you.

But you canfind hope. You canfind identity - the true purpose you were created


You're invited to join us as we journey to embrace who we were created to be. It’s

called Irresistible Identity - a 10-part teaching series exploring Jesus’ response to

life’s biggest questions. Presented by certified life coaches and Bible instructors

Tim Taylor and Rob Zama. Check it out and join us this month.

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