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Dearly Delighted In,

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

As I sat on my deck, yesterday evening, I became aware of the delightfully-dancing-song of the birds as the sun set. It seems that as the day comes to a close, the little flying delights, desire to raise their voices in one final declaration of the day. Now, I don't really know exactly why the birds seem to heighten their song at the close of the day, but I like to think it is a final outburst of delight to their Creator, who has sustained them all the day long. At least for the purposes of this months, Prayer & Presence, I am going to think that way.

Delight doesn't get enough attention, I think. At least, not in my life lately. I've been quite caught up in the needs around me. This week I listened to an author speaking about his year of cataloging delights, and it touched a cord in my spirit. Reminding me to slow down and tune in, for this is at the heart of the practice of prayer and presence. Slowing down, tuning in...listening for the gentle rustle of God's Spirit coming close, lifting our heart song, like the birdies singing off my deck, singing of the delights of God's provision through out my day.

Delight also invites us to wake up to our senses. Our God given senses are the vehicles that allow us to embody our experiences as humans. For too long, bad religion has divorced us from tuning into our lived experience in our bodies. This divorce, at its hardest point, looks like eating disorders, misplaced desire, self-abuse, and physical sickness from emotional trauma, just to name a few.

God created us; body and spirit. Tune in this month to delight. What is your relationship with delight? What does that relationship tell you about what you believe about delight, about your Creator God, about your lived human experience of being body and soul? Take captive all the delights of your lived experience to the re-orienting, re-imagining, healing, wonder-working power of your Creator God. Delight yourself in the Lord, the psalmist cries, and God will transform our desires and delights into Life-Giving-Waters.

There's a lot here to chew on--if you're are willing to slow down, tune in, and seek the Lord's face in every facet of your body, mind and spirit. Truly, this is the work of a life time. God is patient, long-suffering, kind, good, pleased and delighted in you, friend. Any and all attempts to walk closer and more attuned, is welcomed, and brings keen enjoyment to the Father of Lights.

With a heart that desires to sing, even as the dark approaches,


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