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Prayer & Presence in the Autumn...

Dearly Beloved,

To say our world is under duress is an understatement.

Loved ones are fighting cancer, illnesses, broken hearts....

Communities are feeling squeezed by the needs all around them....

Countries are at war, women and children dying....

To look away from the suffering, is to look away from our Savior. Yet in looking into the eyes of the broken and wounded, we can be overcome with the great need....OUR great need.

This is where the beauty of the Gospel becomes real and tangible. Where we see that in our unraveling and unbecoming as individuals, communities, and countries; the mercy, purity of heart, and peacemaking Spirit of God transforms to bring goodness, beauty and kindness to the hurting. The only answer is to become like Jesus, and become vessels that love like He loves.

In our weakness, God is strong. Keep looking into the eyes of our Savior, so that we can keep looking inward at our brokenness and outward to the brokenness of the world, and not be overcome with despair, but we overcome by filling our hungry-soul-need-for-hope with the body of Christ, and quenching our thirst-for-all-to-be-made-right by being filled with the wine of the Spirit.

With a heart crying, how long, O Lord, how long?


PS. Spend some time with these Prayer & Presence worship prompts; grow in seeking the good, the beautiful, the kind...

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